LA Zoo Lights On-Sale Date to Soon Shine

Beautiful bulbs near all of those beautiful beasties are part of the holiday magic.

What to Know

  • Opens Nov. 16
  • Tickets on-sale Oct. 1
  • Reindeer, Santa sightings, special events, more

Pretty much every turkey-loving, gravy-seeking person is aware that the fourth Thursday of November is Thanksgiving.

And that the whole week of Thanksgiving is generally regarded as "Thanksgiving Week," with various days rocking various nicknames (Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and such).

But what of the Friday that falls just before Thanksgiving Week? In short, the often celebratory day that is, in essence, Thanksgiving Week Eve?

Thus far, popular culture has left this particular Friday fully nickname-less, which seems a tad sad, given all of the monikers of the days that almost immediately follow it. 

And, yes, Fridays should always have fun nicknames. It's an argument that is, all in all, airtight.

So we'll throw a suggestion into the ring, a handle that sparkles with holiday charm: LA Zoo Lights Friday.

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For, at least in 2018, that's when the popular nighttime lights show at the Los Angeles Zoo & Botanical Gardens will begin for its merry, multi-week run: Friday, Nov. 16, just as Thanksgiving Week officially opens.

So, yes: Zoo Lights will be atwinkle during the most family-member'd week of the calendar, for many people.

Does this mean that you can haul all of the visiting relatives over the Griffith Park animal park, to gaze upon the glowing displays and installations?

It's a pretty swell idea, if you're looking for ways to get out of the house.

Will there be lots of bulbs twinkling and blinking and forming the shapes of animals and doing other neato, illuminated stuff?

That's a big part of Zoo Lights, for sure.

Will honest-to-antlers reindeer return to the zoo, and shall there be "seasonal treats and goodies," and will Santa stop by, when he can? 

Ho, ho, and ho. (Which is a resounding "yes," obviously.)

Tickets for LA Zoo Lights go on sale on Oct. 1, which, surprise surprise, is approaching faster than Rudolph alights on a roof on Christmas Eve.

Best line up your Thanksgiving Week Eve plans now, or, rather, your plans for LA Zoo Lights Friday, for opening night of this yearly whimsical walk-through will be both bright and bustling.

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