Lace-up for the Virtual OC Fair Fun Run

The hit-the-pavement party won't take place in Costa Mesa in 2020; rather, you can participate from your home turf over several days.

OC Fair/Naritsak Tuntitippawan/EyeEm

What to Know

  • July 17-Aug. 16
  • Complete the run from wherever you are
  • Your registration package includes a medal, a face covering, a stuffed toy, and a ticket to the 2021 OC Fair

Bending your head so that a person holding a medal can place it on you, with all of the requisite pomp and circumstance that's required, is one of the best parts of a fun run.

You've got your medal, a shiny, colorful sign that you did something amazing that day, with the medal's date to show when you did it.

But what if you got a medal that didn't show a single date but rather several days, covering a few weeks? It would be most unusual prize, but then we're undoubtedly facing a most unusual time.

To help connect with its fans where they live, and to keep the flame of fair fun flickering over the summer of 2020, the team behind the OC Fair has created a virtual version of the annual OC Fair Fun Run 5K.

It begins on July 17, and ends on Aug. 16, and, nope, you don't need to keep jogging the whole time.

"Run anywhere you want, at anytime, and you will receive a commemorative medal, a stuffed animal and a ticket to the 2021 in person OC Fair in the mail," is the upbeat word.

That's right: A ticket to next year's fair is part of the package.

As is a medal that shows the whole span of dates for the run, making it one of the quirkiest running medals you'll ever receive (not to mention that, yes, the animals depicted on the medal are rocking their face coverings).

Speaking of face coverings, you'll also get one in your package, to further show off your fair spirit.

And here's a twist: You can even register to join the run after the run has begun.

How often does that happen?

For fees, details, and how to get your cool package, jog in the direction of the fun run page now.

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