LACMA Late Night: Muse 'til Midnight

The late-into-the-evening museum party celebrates Latin American art, Latino dance tunes, and gallery walk-arounds.

Do the sculptures inside the Los Angeles County Museum of Art yawn and stretch and blink and go night-night when the sun sinks into the west?

Do the paintings call it a day, and flip some internal switch, making the pastoral daytime scenes seen throughout the museum go suddenly dark when evening falls outside the building?

Well, no. But our cultural institutions do have a pretty predictable and understandable way of shuttering as the day winds down, like a lot of places, though most places don't host a stylish late-night party, every so often, to keep the creative, art-tastic vibes going well beyond the closing hour.

LACMA does, and that party is called Muse 'til Midnight. It isn't every week, or even every month, which means that when it dances into view, seizing the moment is advised. 

That moment arrives next on Saturday, Aug. 19 at 8 p.m. at the BP Grand Entrance. Indeed, that's next to Chris Burden's Urban Light, and the lamps will be all aglow, as they always are, but with a twist: DJs'll be spinning vinyl 45s nearby, so feel free to shake your stuff in and around the famous lampposts.

Elsewhere around the museum? Most excellent stuff'll be going down all around, from a Latino dance room at BCAM to an area, also at BCAM, that'll pay tribute to the '90s ditch parties, music- and vibe-wise.

East LA Chicano music also will have a special area, further loving upon the theme of this Muse 'Til Midnight: Latin American and Latino tunes and art. ArtDontSleep is the evening's curator, and the wind-down time?

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Midnight, as the name suggests. Ever been at a museum when the clock strikes twelve? It's rare, and special, and maybe, even, a touch magical.

Pacific Standard Time: LA/LA, that mega art happening, is one of the event's inspiration's, if you're a PST:LA/LA fan.

LACMA is the beneficiary, a non-member ticket is $35, the age is 18 and up, and several galleries will be open for strolling/looking, including the gallery holding the recently opened "Chagall: Fantasies for the Stage" exhibit.

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