Let's Watch the Poppy Cam in Honor of Spring's Start

Even if you're not calling upon Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve as the new season begins, you can enjoy the bloom from home.

Charles O'Rear

What to Know

  • Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve
  • See livestreaming from the Lancaster location
  • Spring begins at 8:50 p.m. PDT

We've arrived at the doorway to the equinox, which means that wintertime is now swiftly being shown the exit.

Are your usual springtime-welcoming frolics on temporary hold, now that you're at home in response to COVID-19?

True, Griffith Observatory will not be holding its usual equinox-informative talks on March 19, the pop-up lectures that happen at local noon and sunset each time we swan into a fresh season.

And other spring-sweet events? On hold, across the board.

But everyone's favorite orange flower continues to flourish, and while the sunshiny spread near Lancaster isn't producing the super bloom of 2019, we can still admire them from afar, while also fancying the fiddlenecks and other wildflowers that complement the California Poppies.

How? By tuning into the Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve Live Stream, of course, which gives remote viewers looks at different spots around the vast destination.

A strong layer of orange-loveliness is covering a distant hill on the first day of spring, while other areas are still on the green side.

The reserve's trails remain open, though a message on the Antelope Valley California Poppy State Natural Reserve site reminds visitors to practice social distancing as well as other safe practices.

The California State Parks has closed "high public use indoor facilities," do note.

Perhaps simply staying in and seeing the beautiful blooms, from your couch, is the way to greet spring in 2020? Check out the livestream in the coming days to see how the famous flowers are faring.

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