Lift-off in a Hot Air Balloon, for Free, at the Rose Bowl

The weekend-long party for Amazon Prime Video's "The Aeronauts" will bring vintage vibes to the Crown City.

What to Know

  • Rose Bowl Stadium
  • Nov. 23 and 24, 2019
  • Free, but do RSVP

We don't just visit the movie theater here in Southern California, and as far as trying out a television show, out of the blue? Totally not our style.

Rather, major properties come to greet us first, before a film or show debuts. Think of the "Stranger Things" Season 3 kick-off party at Santa Monica Pier or the "It" house in Hollywood or the other spectaculars that have popped up here in recent years.

Entering the world of the characters we'll soon get to know? We do dig it.

And next up, and we do mean "up," is a visit from a high-flying Amazon Prime Video film, one that will enjoy its U.S. debut on Dec. 6.

It's "The Aeronauts," the inspired-by-real-life tale of a 19th-century sky-based adventure, one that featured an early hot air balloon.

If you're now surmising that a hot air balloon will soon visit our region, you're right: A pop-up festival, complete with a big balloon, as well as free vintage candies and popcorn to snack upon, will unfold the old-timey tents at the Rose Bowl on Nov. 23 and 24, 2019.

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The centerpiece? We're not blowing hot air when we say a tethered hot air balloon will give attendees a chance to achieve lift-off, at least for a few minutes.

Has this been on your longtime to-do list? Then better to-do it, for free, in Pasadena.

Will this hot air balloon zoom you back to 1862, when, in the film, pilot Amelia Wren and meteorologist James Glaisher sailed for the clouds?

You'll land back in the Crown City of today, is our guess.

But you will leave the ground, at least a little bit, with a large and colorful envelope above you, while standing inside a gondola, which, all told, has a definite dash of adventure to it.

Be sure to RSVP, at the event's main HQ, to let them know you'll be there.

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