Live the Brunch Life at a New LBC Fest

The 21+ to-do will raise a mimosa at Rainbow Lagoon Park.

What to Know

  • Saturday, Aug. 4
  • 21+
  • $20-$65

Breakfast passing brunch, out on the street, as breakfast heads in one direction and brunch the other?

Surely they'd recognize each other. Surely breakfast and brunch would stop and chat for a little while, gossip about lunch and dinner, and maybe ask one another their opinions on egg whites, sourdough toast, and cinnamon oatmeal.

There's a lot of crossover, is what we're saying, and commonalities, but let's be real: Brunch is the fancier of the two. Breakfast, that ultra-important morning meal, never pops a cork, drizzles on the Hollandaise sauce, or spends more than a half hour at the table.

It's weekend-loving cousin, though?

Brunch boasts a slightly luxe vibe, and a languid approach to dining, and lavish eats and drinks, which the brand-new Brunch Life Fest in Long Beach is all about. It's also about welcoming 21+ guests to Rainbow Lagoon on Saturday, Aug. 4 for a full-on feasting that's focused on those cuisine classics that make brunch, well... brunchy.

Set to show at this sumptuous supfest? Agaves Kitchen, Mess Hall Canteen, Spicy Mo's Cheese, and Starling Diner are bringing up the vittles end of the vivacious to-do, along with a number of other local restaurants.

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Steelhead Coffee, Drake's Brewing, and Roxanne's Lounge are just three of the sip-celebrating, drink-delivering outfits of the day.

And we do mean "day," for while brunch sort-of, kind-of, not-so-technically begins in the morning — the "br" at the start of its name signifies just that — Brunch Life will mimosa-out and toast-up right through to 4 o'clock.

Note that VIPs have an earlier start time, and that tickets range from $20 to $65, depending on what you'd like out of the eat-y event.

And event that's eat-y and full of entertainment, photo booths, and such, in addition to all of the muffins and omelets you think of when you think of brunch.

Surely breakfast and brunch are pals? With lots in common? We like to think so, but, sometimes, when summer is warm, and life is a tad more languid, only one of those two will do.

Tickets are still available to Brunch Life Fest. Get yours now.

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