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Adoption Fees Discounts Continue at LA Animal Shelters

It's the second weekend for this current and urgent push, a push to pair dogs, cats, and critters with loving homes.

What to Know

  • Aug. 11 and 12, 2018
  • Six LA Animal Services shelters
  • Adoption fees cut in half for dogs, cats, and critters

Break a piece of puppy jerky in half while your dog watches, and guess what? He knows that 50 percent of that tasty stick remains hidden in your hand.

Likewise, your cat may come looking for the other half of her tuna treat, if she's aware that you snapped it down the middle.

There are times, however, when halving something works in the favor of a furry creature, the kind of lovebug in need of a forever home. We're approaching such a time, or, rather, we're halfway between two weekends focused on halving the adoption amount an adopter needs to pay to bring a beautiful beastie home.

LA Animals Services cut adoption fees by 50 percent over the first weekend of August 2018, and, due to the high number of animals under the current care — "(a)ll six shelters are filled to capacity" — the fees will remain lowered, by half, on Aug. 11 and Aug. 12.

The fees? Adult dogs five months or older are $51 to adopt, puppies four months or younger are $75, adult cats five months or older are $12.50 and kittens four months or younger are $25.

"Our pets are vaccinated, spayed or neutered, and microchipped before going to their new homes," says a representative of the shelters.

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How to make your way to a shelter? Find your closest one in Van Nuys, San Pedro, Los Angeles, or Chatsworth; there are six in all. Hours, addresses, and more information may be found at the LA Animal Services site.

The need is critical, and the numbers tell the story: As of Aug. 7, 861 dogs, 519 cats and 353 critters are awaiting a home. 

Perhaps yours?

Here's the sunshine, though, and the whole (not half) story: Some 880 pets were adopted at our local shelters over the last week, meaning that many more sweet companions can find their way to new homes and new tomorrows. 

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