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Meet the Bride of Frankenstein at Universal Studios Hollywood

The famous Universal Monster made a brief theme park cameo in the spring; now the iconic character is officially back to greet her fans.

Darren Austin, Jr.

What to Know

  • Universal Studios Hollywood
  • Monster meet-and-greets are included with park admission
  • Look for the Bride and Frankenstein around the theme park's upper lot

It isn't all that uncommon to spy the brief visage of a spooky character in a film before the audience fully encounters the eerie figure.

A monster may peek around a corner or be seen down a shadowy hallway before an official screen debut is made.

You can think of the Bride of Frankenstein's springtime visit to Universal Studios Hollywood in a similar vein.

The celebrated Universal Monster stopped by the Universal City theme park to greet guests in April, an engagement that coincided with spring break.

But her official debut? That just happened, in July, and as luck would happen Universal made the announcement on, you guessed it, the lucky 13th day of the month.

Now fans of the 1935 film, which featured actor Elsa Lanchester's incredible and indelible turn as the Bride, can meet her around the upper lot, where she is keeping company with, you guessed it, Frankenstein's Monster. (Or just "Frankenstein" if that's how you roll; we got you.)

Both legends are participating in guest meet-and-greets, if you feel bold enough to stop forward for a "hello," a photo, or some confident combination of the two.

It's no surprise that the theme park team is comprised of Bride buffs; the character appeared in her own haunted house at the 2021 Halloween Horror Nights.

The low-lit adventure took a literary turn, telling the tale of this powerful character and her take-charge efforts to be in control of her fate... and the fate of others.

If you'd like to encounter the Bride as she roams the upper lot, you'll need park admission, but no separate ticket. For more on her dastardly and dazzling debut, visit the Universal Studios Hollywood social pages now.

Halloween Horror Nights is featuring a new haunted house helmed by a few different Universal Monsters in 2022 — Dracula, the Wolf Man, and the Mummy are the terrifying trio set to haunt the upcoming fall festival —but the Bride's upper lot appearance during the hot days of July brings a most welcome chill to summer.

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