Mega Phantom to Flicker on the Pacific Wheel

The spirits are especially sparkly in Santa Monica.

What to Know

  • Santa Monica Pier
  • Through Nov. 3, sunset to midnight
  • Free to see; rides additional

If you had to name an especially incandescent city, one that possesses more sparkle and sunshine than most places, would you immediately look in the direction of Santa Monica?

It is a beam-drenched place that instantly comes to mind when one thinks of bright days by the ocean. Which  means that even those annual icons that aren't so well-lit or sunshiny can often take on more wattage in Santa Monica, including the tropes of Halloween.

Look to the Pacific Wheel, in Pacific Park at Santa Monica Pier, as Halloween season comes to a creepy close. There's a giant ghost that's currently haunting it, and, unlike other phantoms, this large-scale spirit is frightfully full of LED oomph.

For the famous Ferris wheel is featuring a number of Halloween-ready designs on its sparkly side, through Sunday, Nov. 3, and the shadowier icons of the season will be presented in sky-high, 90-foot-tall form.

Look for a garganutan ghost, as mentioned and a vampire, and a jack o'lantern, too. They're all coming to life via the wheel's 174,000 LED lights, and the 16,700,000 color combinations those lights can create.

The Pacific Wheel is, of course, the world's only solar-powered Ferris wheel, but best not tell the vampires appearing on its spacious side that news. That's a fact that might make these moon mavens a mite nervous.

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It's all free to see, and if you can't catch the sparkle show down by the surf's edge, you can see it online, via Pacific Park's webcam.

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