Mel's Drive-In Has a New Fried Chicken Breakfast Sandwich

The J. Fall Blvd. Sandwich, a hearty creation from Chef Jeremy Fall, is now available at all of the LA-area diners; look for new limited-time tees, too.

Mel's Drive-In

What to Know

  • The J. Fall Blvd. Sandwich debuted on Friday, Aug. 27 at all Southern California Mel's Drive-Ins
  • Chef and TV personality created the sandwich, which is centered around buttermilk fried chicken, hash browns, and other breakfast-meets-lunch tastes
  • $13.75

As far as Venn Diagrams go, you can pretty much count on a full circle that contains A) all the people who think about savory sandwiches pretty much all the time and B) all the people who obsess over breakfast during breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

There's no tiny sliver of meeting in the middle there, all told, meaning that if you're one or the other, you're very likely the sort of person who greatly appreciates a hearty and holdable meal in the morning.

And the newest breakfast sandwich in Southern California, as of Friday, Aug. 27?

Look to your local Mel's Drive-In, where Chef Jeremy Fall's J. Fall Blvd. Sandwich just made its big, buttermilk-y, cheese-melted entrance.

And we do mean big: This is a buttermilk fried chicken sandwich with breakfast-ready elements, like the inclusion of hash browns. (Truly, are there five happier words, strung together in a row, than "the inclusion of hash browns"?)

The roll is lush with potato goodness, further breakfasting-up the nosh, and the aioli boasts Cholula, so count on a condiment with oodles of kick.

Aged American cheese is the dairy delight, and tomato and red onion give it some light lunchtime vibes.

The price? It's $13.75.

If you know Chef Fall from his TV appearances or his work at Nighthawk, Paperboy and Easy's, then you know he is very much a breakfast-meets-lunch kind of dreamer, when it comes to dreaming up new dining experiences.

So count on that particular combo-strong character, a morning meal with midday vibes, to be fully present in the J. Fall Blvd. Sandwich.

And because Mel's Drive-In and old-school-ish tees are a longstanding duo, you can bet that Chef Fall is getting his own Mel's shirt in honor of this buttermilk-dunked, hash brown-happy collaboration.

Find the limited-edition Jeremy Fall x Mel’s Diner T-Shirt at your local Mel's when you swing by to pick up the lunchiest breakfast sandwich in town.


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