Midsummer Scream to Haunt 2021

The Halloween-loving convention won't happen in 2020, but here's some spooky news: The dates for 2021 are already aglow.

Catherine Delahaye

What to Know

  • The huge Halloween expo has been cancelled for 2020
  • The new 2021 dates have been revealed: July 9-11 at the Long Beach Convention Center
  • Your 2020 tickets will be honored in 2021, or you can return them

You'd never dare carve a pumpkin too far in advance.

Because, over time, you know that gourd is going to grow soft, and the face you gave so much detail to will curl inward, and you'll just have to start all over, with a fresh pumpkin.

But you can make your drawings for the pumpkin as soon as you like, and plan out all of the decorations you'll place around your jack o'lantern, giving you all sorts of eerie anticipation to enjoy.

And eerie anticipation will have to sustain the thousands of fans who attend Midsummer Scream, the mega Halloween convention, each summer.

For the 2020 event, which was scheduled to lurk at the Long Beach Convention Center from July 31 through Aug. 2, has been cancelled in the face of COVID-19.

But the team behind the popular happening isn't ghosting us, however.

For the hardworking ghouls behind the eek-packed event, which has been readying Southern Californians for the spookiest holiday for a half decade now, just revealed the 2021 dates.

And here's something bewitching: The convention is arriving even closer to the start of summertime. The fresh dates? Look ahead, with chills and thrills, to July 9-11, 2021.

This just means you'll have a few extra weeks to pad your prep time for Halloween 2021, for Midsummer Scream has never popped up so early on the calendar before.

"All tickets will be honored next year, or ticket holders may request a refund," is the good word from the haunters behind the monstrous meet-up.

Really, the 2021 event will occur just weeks after spring officially wraps. Because Halloweenies can't ever start their decorating/haunt/party plans too soon.

Which all leads to this: Best start drafting your jack o'lantern schematics now, if you're blue that the orange-est of occasions has been cancelled. Midsummer Scream may be off for 2020, but the fandom and community remains strong on social media.

Let that buoy you, like a colorful autumn leaf dancing upon a brisk wind, right through to July 2021.

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