Midsummer Scream's New App Is Hauntingly Handy

The mega Halloween-inspired convention alights in Long Beach in late July.


What to Know

  • The Halloween-inspired expo offers panels, vendors, and eerie experiences
  • Long Beach Convention Center, July 29 through 31
  • A new app allows you to design your own schedule

A satisfying evening of trick-or-treating? Spontaneity is a sweet element, yes, but this once-a-year outing truly takes some planning ahead.

You'll need to chat with your pals about where exactly you are going, which streets you're visiting first, and, oh right: That one cul-de-sac with all the good candy cannot be missed.

A person attending a large-scale Halloween-inspired convention also wants to take the same efficient approach to their frightful fun.

But rather than figuring out what houses have all the best goodies, an expo attendee will need to decide what theme park panels, yard haunt discussions, atmospheric experiences, and pop culture presentations they just can't miss.

And to help Halloween mavens make the most of Midsummer Scream, the celebrated scare-tacular that will unfurl its wings, bat-like, at the Long Beach Convention Center in late July?

There is a brand-new ultra-eeky app, here to haunt our phones, devices, and Halloween-loving imaginations.

Well, it's not too eeky, of course: This app, designed for Apple and Android, gives fright fans the chance to create their own schedule, a brilliant idea when there's a monstrous amount of events burbling throughout the weekend.

Haunting highlights of the 2022 happening include appearances by the families of horror film legends Lon Chaney, Boris Karloff, Bela Lugosi, and Vincent Price, stars of some of the iconic "Halloween" films, and a multitude of haunted houses to explore (oh yes, and those ultra-visual slider shows, too).

It's all sliding into Long Beach on July 29, 30, and 31, which is basically Halloween Eve Eve Eve, if you want to view August as the month when the autumn occasion truly begins to materialize on store shelves, the yards of super-fans, and on the rosters of various theme parks.

Download the Midsummer Scream app now, and purchase your tickets, either through the app or site, to Southern California's most merry 'n scary Halloween season kick-off event.

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