Monthly Meatball Tasting: Michael’s on Naples

Are the savory scoop-sized delights your absolute favorite? This could be your new must-do.

Michael's on Naples

When it comes to restaurant- or tavern-hosted tastings, things that arrive in a glass, versus a plate or a bowl, tend to dominate.

"Wine" is the word we see most often before "tasting," with "beer" a fairly close second. But there are many who prefer bites over beverages, or at least like to mix up their tastings now and then, and, in response, there are those restaurants that present a single dish or element under the "try and a few" theme.

Michael's on Naples is one such place, and if the word "meatball" just popped into your head, knowing that the Italian classic ristorante has a knack for making 'em, well, you'd be 100% correct. And before you start doing the happy meatball dance — which is absolutely a thing among meatball mavens — best know this: Meatball Tastings are a monthly happening at the elegant eatery.

Which means no longer do you just have to get your savory fix alongside a bowl of pasta or in a sub at your favorite sandwich shop; you can pencil in "monthly meatball tasting" on your calendar, a note which will remind you that this is now a nosh-worthy thing at Michael's.

Question: Have you ever written "monthly meatball tasting" on your calendar, or anywhere, for that matter, before? We thought not.

It's a "night of nostalgia" on May 18, the next monthly meatball night. The evening is all about celebrating the "lost art of craft meatballs" (and there's a cheeky hashtag to go with it, too: #BetterThanYourMoms). Think Chianina meatballs — braised beef is the star — and traditional meatballs boasting a blend of pork, beef, and veal and arancinis, which include fried risotto. 

Serious stuff for the meatball scholar. And you can put the full spotlight on your round, orb-like food, if you choose, by ordering it a la carte. Atop pasta is an option, too, of course, but bet you'll see buffs just going for a plate of straight-up scoops of savory yum.

Want to eye a past monthly meatball night? Take a look. Want to see when future monthly meatball nights shall happen? Keep tabs on Michael's on Naples.

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