Museum of Ice Cream: Totally the Last Extension

A fresh batch of tickets for the fanciful phenom are set for release.

Frank talk: When it is pushing 90 degrees in the second half of October, and a person is longing for the crisp days of autumn, the typically unmeltable things of our world start to look as though they're ready to dissolve into a gooey, sticky, oozy puddle.

But there's one undissolvable phenomenon in our city, an in-demand destination that's stayed cool, in every meaning of the word, all through the searing summer and fiery fall.

It's the Museum of Ice Cream, that social media superstar, the ruler of 2017 pop-up experiences, the one that started in New York in 2016 and headed to San Francisco in September.

The one in LA's Arts District, though, didn't shutter when the latest Museum of Ice Cream opened up north. In fact, so robust is its flavor, and so desired are tickets, that the Southern California Museum of Ice Cream is readying for one last, truly final, this is it, no, seriously, this is it, extension.

The final extension's dates are Wednesday, Oct. 18 through Monday, Dec. 18, and tickets go on sale at 10 a.m. on Wednesday, Oct. 18 (which you already read once in this sentence, but, yes, the first day of the extension and the ticket on-sale date are one and the same).

Will you visit the pool of sprinkles for the first or third or sixth time? How about the colorful swings, the room full of pink and yellow bananas, or the oversized Popsicles?

And are you thinking, given the time of year, holiday card pictures? Snap a sassy snapshot and send it out to your nearest and dearest in December. After all, the sweetest season is when we're more inclined to indulge our love of treats.

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Don't you melt, or go puddly,as you wait to purchase your admission. As with past extensions, tickets to the Museum of Ice Cream disappear faster than a scoop of cherry ripple that's accidentally plopped onto a July-hot sidewalk.

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