National Aviation Day at The Proud Bird

Visit the newly reopened restaurant for a plane-fun craft-making session and aviation tours of the LAX-close landmark.

One way to celebrate National Aviation Day, which takes flight on Saturday, Aug. 19?

Be on a plane, is the short and succinct answer.

But if you don't have a long-distance trip to take, and you won't be buckling in and looking over the safety instructions ahead of ascending to 35,000 feet, fret not. There are ways to learn more about flying machines, aviation history, and to have a little family-style fun in the process, too.

The Proud Bird can assist you with lift-off on the holiday, at least in terms of tours, plane-related crafts, and wing-related beverages, too. The recently refurbished restaurant — it shuttered for well over a year before re-opening with a new food bazaar approach in June 2017 — is inviting airplane aficionados to alight at the LAX-close spot on Aug. 19 for a day full of plane (and plain) fun.

At the top of the soar-ready schedule for those who want to get an eyeful of the real planes dotting the property of the '60s-era landmark?

A pay-nothing aviation tour. There are 16 planes on the property, and the chance to learn a bit about the aircrafts, with a guide at the lead, is a one not to be missed, especially if you've visited the restaurant before and long to know more about the planes sitting just beyond your dinner table.

Seek out the restaurant's interactive aviation exhibits, too, to fill out your knowledge of cockpits, velocity, and the history of flight during the 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. event.

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For the younger plane people? There shall be a craft-making opportunity at the Make Your Own Airplane station. True, making an airplane is a months-long venture, typically, if not years, but your tots can make a crafty version of the real thing in a fraction of that time (and for free, too).

For the 21-and-over plane people? There shall be aviation-themed cocktails.

And if you work at LAX, or an airline, you'll receive 15 percent off at The Proud Bird on National Aviation Day, a thank you for all you do.

Find your spot on the patio this Aug. 19 to watch plane after plane after plane approach the nearby airport. It's a perfect way to spend an occasion devoted to machines that fly high up in the air, all while you stay here on terra firma, with food and a beverage and a craft station and tour opportunities close at hand.

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