National Fry Day Is a Monday in 2020

Prefer ketchup, ranch, aioli, or all of the above? The most dip-tastic day of the year is here.


What to Know

  • July 13
  • McDonald's and Farmer Boys have fry deals
  • The Great American Takeout and Heinz have partnered on a big giveaway involving takeout fries/ketchup art

When approaching July's peak, the middle of the month, the time when July is at its warmest, brightest, and July-iest, many minds turn to the concept of dip-taking.

That dip might be taken in a pool or the ocean or a lake, but the location almost matters not: You're looking to spend a July day in a pleasurable way.

But one July day is about dips of a different variety, the kind that appear in a ramekin or small cup alongside a heap of fries.

The dip might be aioli, ranch, blue cheese dressing, or ketchup, but all share a single aim: Dressing up a plate of munchable fried potatoes, be they shoestring, crinkle-cut, or home-fry style.

July 13 is National French Fry Day, meaning Fry Day is a Monday in 2020.

If you're on the search for some snacky taters, and the all-important dip on the side, consider ordering out from a local restaurant and showing some love during the time of the pandemic closures.

The Great American Takeout is encouraging us to do so, and there's something sweet, or rather tangy, to make it especially tempting: There's a contest on, involving ketchup art, and the winner?

They'll net 57 complimentary takeout dinners, courtesy of Heinz.

Of course, your favorite diner may always throw in fries with your burger, or they may even have a deal on July 13.

McDonald's is celebrating National French Fry Day by offering a free medium order of fries when you order through the McDonald's app.

And if you stop by a Farmer Boys after 2 p.m. on July 13? You can snag a side of "always crispy" fries for a buck with any purchase.

Will you take a dip on July 13, one involving ketchup, ranch, or another tangy, creamy side? French fries, served plain, are pretty perfect, but plenty of us will take a dip that day, of the ketchup-iest variety.

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