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National Puppy Day: Adoption Special

Looking to adopt? Best Friends has a lucky way to do so.

If you were to somehow lift the glass covering the front of your desktop, or peel back the screen of your phone, you might briefly glimpse who is actually at the control board of the Internet: puppies.

We're not saying that baby pandas and kittens aren't at the online helm, too, because they totally are. But with the staggering amount of cuddly content online, we can all agree that somewhere there exists a blinking panel of knobs at which a row of furry masterminds sit.

So did the puppies who run the Internet create National Puppy Day? Likely not, but let's say they've neatly created a beautiful WWworld where every single day is some sort of puppy day. And for that we're grateful.

We're also mindful, however, that March 23 is actually and truly and officially National Puppy Day, at least on the books. And we know days aren't long, and to seize upon a sweet special, one that brings a home-needing puppy into our lives, is something we can't dillydally upon.

That special is with Best Friends Los Angeles. The mondo rescue organization has bigheartedly extended its St. Patrick's Day adoption special through March 23, so if you're thinking of welcoming a pup, March 23 is your day to make the joyful jump.

That special is $17 adoptions, for pets "six months and older." We can still say they're puppies, right, in honor of the day? Even 18-year-old senior dogs are still in touch with their inner puppy from time to time, as any guardian has seen.

You can continue to ponder who rules the Internet, from some secret headquarters — hint: puppies do — while your snugglesome adopted pup sits upon your lap. 

If you plan on celebrating National Puppy Day in other ways, though, from buying treats for your young charge to petting all the pups you know, then go forth and shower their furrytude in a festive spirit. Puppies never, ever say no to a little extra love (a lesson all non-puppies, such as we humans, can duly learn from).

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