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New Cookie Dough Sandwich: It's Real

Cookie Good, a bakery in Santa Monica, is making the dough-stuffed treats.

Jam-filled cronuts, cakes hiding whole pies at their centers, and pizza crusts and hot dogs oozing with inner cheese? There's no (delicious) doubt about it: We like to enjoy flavorful foodstuffs that have been artfully placed inside other foodstuffs.

The throughline, though, on this here-to-stay culinary trend is this: The edible at the center is typically different, in some fashion, from the edible that's enclosing or holding it. Pies aren't cakes, cheese isn't a hot dog, and so forth. 

But the newest sensation arriving in Santa Monica? It's a pair of cookies with a mouthwatering mound of cookie dough squished between the two. Already baked cookies are the outside, not-baked cookie dough on the inside, is what we're talking about here.

And we're talking about the bakery Cookie Good, which is behind the new Cookie Dough Sandwich. The dough, which is "100 percent safe-to-eat," is "layered between two Cookie Good signature cookies."

The flour is heat-treated, the eggs have vamoosed, and while the classic chocolate chip is available, birthday cake cookie dough is also a choice. 

As for the baked "holder" cookies? The gamut is of good size, with chocolate chip cookies, sugar cookies, s'mores, and pancakes & bacon offering the already-baked tastes (just to name a few). 

This cookie dough smooshed between a duo of cookies is five bucks and can be found at 2448 Wilshire Boulevard starting on Wednesday, April 5. 

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Linger while you nosh and ponder the notion of Cookie Corn, which is a bakery favorite. Think popcorn, with caramel, rolled in cookie crumbs.

Foodstuffs are forever coming together in fascinating ways, and if the Cookie Dough Cookie is a bellwether, we may be seeing ice cream scoops stuffed with tinier scoops of ice cream and hamburgers with miniature cheeseburgers inside each patty around Southern California in the days to come.

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