New Debut: A Trailer for the 2014 Oscars

Ellen DeGeneres and 250 dancers groove out in the backlot.

What are some of the necessary and expected additions to a modern movie release?

Well, multiple behind-the-scenes-y treats are de rigeur, as is a catchy motto, as is a big star, as is zazzy entertainment, as is an excellent trailer.

Oh, did we say "trailer" there? And are we batting our eyelashes, semi-innocently, while asking? We did indeed, because this is all about a trailer for a movie show, the movie show, the Oscars, which is incredibly meta and highly appropriate, indeed.

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences unveiled the trailer for the 2014 Oscars on Thursday, Dec. 19 via Facebook and other social media outlets. And, yep, the trailer for a show about movies which come with their own trailers boasts all the aforementioned hallmarks that an Oscar-nominated film has: commentary, splash, and a talented headliner.

That headliner is, of course, Ellen DeGeneres, the host for the Sunday, March 2 awards show, which will red-carpet-it-up at the Dolby Theatre, as always. Ms. DeGeneres is joined by 250 tuxedo-sporting dancers in the minute-plus trailer, which is songed by Fitz & the Tantrums.

"Here We Go" is the song's name, and "Here We Go" is indeed the motto of the high-spirited short.

We're loving the backlot setting -- here's looking at you, Warner Bros. -- and some of the local-y LA names (Blackburn, 3rd, and the Strand are all seen in signage). We're also loving that the director is Paul Feig, of "Bridesmaid" and "Freaks & Geeks" fame.

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The man knows peppy, well, and doesn't mind putting pep to good and ardent use.

The trailer can be viewed online, or in movie houses from here to somewhere faraway from here starting in early January.

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