New Seafood Pop-ups Are Swimming for SoCal

Craving a bowl of chowder or some prawns? Two spots, a weekend pop-up in Venice and an ongoing venture in East Hollywood, can help.

Angelo DeSantis

What to Know

  • Catch & Release returns on May 15-17 to The Rose in Venice
  • Overboard will be a Thursday-Sunday happening at Found Oyster in East Hollywood
  • You can also pick up fresh fish at Overboard each Wednesday

The bottle of cocktail sauce on the second shelf of your refrigerator door?

It's so temptingly tangy. It promises a briny dining experience, if only you had the right crustaceans for dipping.

And if had you a lemon or two to give the whole thing a sunshiny mist of citrusy flavor? Your seafood-based daydreams would be complete.

There are, of course, a number of Southern California spots that know how to serve up perfect prawns, creamy chowders, and a whole host of straight-from-the-short meals.

But a pair of new ventures are debuting on May 15, with one set to last the weekend, and the other promising a weekly return schedule, for those who definitely need their oceanic eats.

The beloved-but-gone Catch and Release will return as a seafood-themed pop-up at The Rose in Venice on May 15-17. Looking for a hearty lobster roll, HoJo clam strips, chowder (the centerpiece is smoked white fish), and other favorites?

You can place your order through Tock to Go.

And if you find yourself flapping your own fins around the East Hollywood area, all while hankering for smoked trout dip and peel & eat prawns?

A fresh pop-up called Overboard is debuting at Found Oyster.

Fans of chowder, Saltines, and the aforementioned eats will find them Thursdays through Sundays at Found Oyster, while "fresh fish pick-up" is available every Wednesday.

Oh yes: And a tasty fried chicken will be in the mix, too.

For the whole tempting menu, which has the sort of savories you dream about whenever you happen to see the bottle of cocktail sauce in your fridge, click.

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