NHMLA Spider Pavilion: September Webs Ahead

Face up to your arachna-obsessions at the Natural History Museum.

NOTE: Spider Pavilion opens on Sunday, Sept. 17.

Stepping into, and then through, a large spider web can inspire even those people who swear they never dance to dance, quickly, and with sudden movements, as they frantically search themselves for any eight-legged stowaways.

It's a common dance come the end of August, and into September, around Southern California. You might perform it while out walking the dog, or as you garden, or heading to your car down the street late at night.

There is a seasonal spot that's absolutely lush with webs, and you won't have to walk into any of them, nor dance the spider dance. Rather, you can observe, and marvel, and get close, though not close-close, to the fascinating kingdom of Spidertonia.

The annual Spider Pavilion at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles is what we speak of here, of course, and dedicated arachnophiles won't have to wait long before the popular, not-so-eerie experience scurries back to the Exposition Park museum.

Things'll get mighty webby beginning on Sunday, Sept. 17, and they'll stay web-wonderful right through to Sunday, Nov. 26.

What will you meet there? Orb weavers for sure, like the garden spider and golden silk spider. And some biggies, too, such as the pink toe tarantula.

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All of this multi-eyed, multi-legged beauty happens in an open-air setting, so, no, you won't be asked to step into any dark, cramped corners for a closer peek at some spectacular spider action. (Though, of course, some spiders do so love a good cramped corner when it comes to a safe place to set up shop.)

Is this the perfect fall outing for you and your nature-loving family? Find your details here. And if you happen to walk through a web on the way to your car, as you head to the Natural History Museum, well, that does tend to happen this time of year.

Just de-web yourself, then carefully send the web's masterful artist on his busy way, for he'll certainly have more orbs to spin.

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