Norco's New Drive-thru Has a Seasonal Story (and Shimmer)

Vibrant holiday scenes shall twinkle as vehicles roll by.

PLAINVIEW/Electric Noel

What to Know

  • Dec. 3, 2020 through Jan. 3, 2021
  • $39-$49 (depending on day)
  • The story will unfold through your car's FM radio

You can pick up so many choice broadcasts through the radio in your car.

A rockin' oldies station, the kind of place that still calls its record albums "platters"? You can probably find that. An in-depth weather report, the kind that ponders strange clouds and the nature of snow? That, too, may be found, if you're lucky.

But it isn't often, if ever, that the voice on your FM dial is describing the very sights you're seeing outside your window.

For that would fantastical, even fictional, unless, of course, you happen to be rolling through a pop-up, seasonally themed drive-thru.

And a new holiday drive-thru is turning up the dial and dazzle in Norco starting on Thursday, Dec. 3. It's called Electric Noel, and the team behind this twinkly to-do is the one that created both Fright Farms and Not So Spooky Farm back in October.

The sights won't have frights this time around, but they will boast a sweater-snuggly, frost-laden look.

You and your family'll stay inside your car as you start at Santa's Command Center. A roll down a pop-up Main Street, and along Mistletoe Lane, is also on the merry map.

Both the storyline, and a line-up of Christmassy songs, can be found through your FM radio.

And outside?

Lots and lots of lights lend some levity to the night, keeping things bright for kids and grown-ups observing all of the fanciful scenes from the vantage points of the seats inside their cars.

Good to know? The activations at the experience are described as "contactless."

Tickets are priced from $39 through $49, depending on the night you go.

After this unusual year, we likely won't hear what is going on directly outside our car's windows, unless we're narrating what we're seeing.

For having the radio dial inside our vehicle tell us a tale as we slowly proceed into a through-the-windows wonderland is an experience few of us have ever known before.

Tune in, and let the twinkle uplift you, at this Noel-themed Norco drive-thru.

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