Nosh + Learn at Little Tokyo's Foodie-est Fest

Delicious Little Tokyo has the food demos, cool workshops, and tasty tidbits galore. Plus? A cameo from Hello Kitty.

What to Know

  • July 19 and 20
  • 20 events
  • Free-$20, depending up on the event

Bento-boxing your lunch?

It's something you've read about on numerous sites. But have you picked up tips, in person, from a professional?

And, for that matter, how is your sake-based knowledge? Is your prowess with making a miso ball has polished as you'd like? 

Further, how long has it been since you've taken a photo with Hello Kitty?

These are the questions to ask as you make your way downtown for Delicious Little Tokyo, "the largest annual Japanese culinary weekend" in Los Angeles.

And "weekend" there actually means a Friday and Saturday. (Yep, we're of the contingent that Friday falls under the weekend umbrella.) The dates are July 19 and 20, and there "20" is a fine number to remember, for the neighborhood will offer 20 different culinary and cultural events over the course of those two days.

Some events are ticketed, and admission ranges from $5 to $20. Some things are free to join. The upshot? Look the schedule over and make sure you're clear on what is what.

The biggest "what is what" about the weekend?

How much flavor will run through this festival, which has a bento box demonstration, a doughnut tasting, a sake tasting, a foodie walking tour of the area, a demo focused on Indonesian cuisine, and a session spotlight Kawaii Onigiri, or the creation of adorable rice ball characters.

There's a photo contest, too, involving eats and Instagram, so read more if you'd like to take a pic and tag it.

Delicious Little Tokyo, we do raises our cup of sake to your gourmet goodness, your ability to impart fantastic knowledge, and your help when we need to put together a quick bento box for our at-the-office lunch.

Gustatory gratitude. We'll see you there, and you, too, Hello Kitty.

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