Obsessed-Over Strawberry Doughnuts Return to Glendora

The Donut Man's strawberry doughnut is one of the sweetest SoCal food icons, and it is back at the shop for a limited time.

What to Know

  • Glendora
  • $4.25
  • The season ends around September

The signs of springtime around our region are varied and vivacious and flat-out charming, it's true.

For in Southern California? We can't really look to the first time we don a bathing suit or a tank top as a sign of spring, for that's already happening, off and on, throughout the winter.

Instead, we gaze upon the nearby desert, and the first wildflowers pushing through the sandy expanses. We look to Mojave Maxine, the desert tortoise in Palm Desert, and whether she has left her burrow yet or not. We check in with the California Strawberry Festival, the one in Oxnard in May, for when the festival's annual poster contest ends, you know spring is close.

And we look to The Donut Man, the storied Glendora stand, and whether those glossy, gooey, can't-possibly-fit-your-mouth-around-'em strawberry doughnuts are available. The very doughnuts just about every local pastry person has obsessed over, at one time or another.

Here's the gooey good news: They are, they are, oh fruit bliss, they are as of Tuesday, Jan. 23, 2018.

Meaning the queue at the Route 66-adjacent stand will grow quite considerable in the weeks ahead (but, yeah, the line is always pretty considerable, because people do adore the 45-year-old doughnuterie's classic line-up of crullers and dunkers).

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Meaning you should get there, for strawberry doughnut season is not, repeat, not a year-round event at The Donut Man. The season wraps around September.

Meaning you should still enjoy winter, yes, of course, but you should also know that what counts as the first buds of the season, 'round SoCal, are showing, and they're not buds at all but rather doughnuts and desert tortoises. (No, Maxine hasn't yet appeared, but she will in the coming weeks.)

As for the price for a strawberry-stuffed doughnut? It's $4.25.

As for the famous peach doughnut, which is also a staple of The Donut Man, which also has its fervent fans? Look to high summer, around July or August, for that goodie's return.

As for fitting your mouth around a strawberry doughnut? That's a compliment, the fact that it is so stuffed with strawberries that no mouth can possibly best it, though probably a few can. And high fives all around, if this is you. Lucky.

The strawberry doughnut is, in short, not a small treat, but rather one that absolute bursts with big strawberries and big flavor and a big reputation it has so flavorfully earned over the years.

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