Oh Hot Mustard, You Can Order Philippe French Dips Online

There's a new way to have a six-pack of the classic sandwiches delivered anywhere in the country.

What to Know

  • Philippe the Original
  • New online ordering
  • $129: Six French Dips and nine ounces of hot mustard

Those who've spent time eating around Los Angeles can quickly name all of the important milestones they've experienced, specifically as those events relate to Philippe the Original.

The first time your feet ever walked on sawdust inside a restaurant? That's on your list. Remember the first French Dip you chowed down on before a Dodgers game? You do. Do your remember the first spat you had with an out-of-town friend, the pal who didn't believe that French Dips started in LA?

It got heated.

And speaking of heated, can you recall that time you ate a spoonful of Philippe's sun-fiery mustard, because a friend said you should? A memory sure to summon tears.

Now there's a new memory in the making for the historic restaurant, and it involves this: Where you ate your first Philippe's French Dip... while not at Philippe's. 

We know, it sounds like a brain teaser, because the Union Station-close landmark is so atmospheric, and so beloved, it has become a true eat-in kind of place.

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But check it out: The venerable eatery has teamed up with Goldbely, "Where Famous Eats Go Nationwide!," to deliver French Dip goodness anywhere in the country.

A recent post on the Philippe's Facebook page reveals the deal: Six beef French Dip sandwiches, plus au jus, plus potato salad, plus those neon-hued pickled beet eggs, plus nine ounces of That Mustard, will be delivered to your door, be that door in Maine, Illinois, or New Mexico, for $129, with (mostly) free shipping "... in about five business days." 

Let's asterisk that ASAP: Shipping is free, yes, but can vary depending on the place and how fast you need your French Dips, so read all.

It's called The Original French Dip Party Pack, which sounds like the potential title of a hit love song, if only someone would write it.

There are other some shipping details to get up on. Like, the sandwiches are shipped off each Wednesday, so you best schedule your sudden hankering accordingly. 

Devour the details pronto. 

Oh, and this seems incredibly important: If you're a bit of a mustard hogger, first of all A) stop fooling yourself and own up to it and B) know that you can add a Philippe's Famous Hot Mustard three-pack to your order for twenty five bucks, if that nine-ounce bottle of blistering bliss included with the party pack won't be quite enough for your mustard-hogging ways.

Before we get ahead of ourselves, into this whole "we're about to make a new Philippe's memory" scenario, please know that this savory shebang is described as a "limited time" experience. 

So don't put off sending French Dips to your cousin eight states away, if you're going to, because the future is unknown and we should always eat the spoonful of mustard, when dared.

Well... Maybe we don't do that, exactly, but we do slather a little bit on a Philippe French Dip that's just been delivered to our door, astonishingly, wherever we are in the country.

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