Peach Doughnuts Are Back at The Donut Man

We've got fuzzy feelings over the Glendora shop's mid-summer treat.

What to Know

  • Glendora
  • $4.50
  • Limited-time treat

Fuzzy feelings? They're so easy to come by when summertime is at its summeriest.

Which, according to our calendar, happens right around the middle of July. Why then? Simple: It's just after the Independence Day rush but before the Dog Days of August.

It is, in fact, right when peaches reach their peachith, which is like a zenith, but just for peaches. 

You only need look to Marysville near Sacramento, which is holding its annual Peach Festival on July 19 and 20, and you only need to gaze in the direction of Glendora, where The Donut Man's famous peach doughnuts just made their much-anticipated return on July 11, 2019.

Or should we say "you only need to glaze in the direction of Glendora"? Because glazy goodness is at the heart of every perfect doughnut-devouring experience.

What's to know about the historic doughnut shop's second-most-famous treat? After its celebrated strawberry doughnut?

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It's full of peachy bliss. It's not around for too long. And it is $4.50.

And look: We'd never pit — heh, pit — a peach doughnut against a strawberry doughnut in terms of celebrity, but The Donut Man's seasonal strawberry doughnut is around quite a bit longer than its peach counterpart, hence our ranking system.

But you know what?

It's peach season, so let's, for the moment, call The Donut Man's peach doughnut its most famous and beloved offering, a notable nosh that's as worthy as the strawberry doughnut.

And now we want them both. One bite of peach, one bite of strawberry, one bite of peach, one bite of strawberry...

Feeling those fuzzy feelings? Best get to Glendora before the fuzz buzzes away and peach season, and peach doughnut season, too, are only a sweet memory.

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