Penguin Youngsters Make Adorable Aquarium Debuts

The fuzzy trio is now on view at the Aquarium of the Pacific.

What to Know

  • Aquarium of the Pacific
  • Long Beach
  • June Keyes Penguin Habitat

You can probably name a dozen haircut styles off the top of your, yes, head. Predictions? You might call out the buzz cut first, or the fade, or a pompadour, or the pixie.

But what do you call a noggin-topping style that has a bit of fluff on the back, and some mature feathers in the front, and the ability to handle a whole lot of H2O, all day, every day, without growing overly frizzy?

You'd call it the style that's seen on young penguins somewhere between that adorable downy-feather'd stage of very young penguindom and being a grown-up bird, with all of the necessary insulation that fully mature feathers provide.

It's the sweet style that a trio of Magellanic penguin patooties are sporting at the Aquarium of the Pacific these days, and if you need to see this particular penguin coiffure, you can, if you make for the Long Beach spot's June Keyes Penguin Habitat.

To-knows about this sweet threesome? They were born in May 2018. There are two females and a male. And they've been off view, growing bigger and stronger.

But on Sept. 13, they joined the habitat, and said hello to the public for the first time. They're now enjoying the habitat, and living among siblings and with their parents, who also call the penguin-splashy area home.

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These penguins are no longer super-small, as in babylike, any longer, but they are rocking some lighter plumage, which should make them easy to find among the other waterfowl on view.

Also beyond cool? "This is the sixth year that penguin chicks have hatched at the aquarium." And the total number of hatchlings for the AOP? Thirteen.

Also from the "beyond cool" department? People who join the Aquarium of the Pacific's Adopt an Animal program at $100 level or higher before September ends will be in the running to name of the female chicks.

It's all beyond cool, in fact, and literally so, too, since we're talking about penguins, birds that do adore a refreshing swim.

See these cuddly newbies taking to the water in their habitat, in Long Beach, soon. Because the truth about baby penguins? Time passes and, before you know it, they're waddling straight into adulthood.

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