Pine Cone People, This Fest Is Fir Real

The largest pine cone will win a prize, but there are other homey happenings at this mountain lark.

What to Know

  • Saturday, Oct. 5
  • Rim Nordic
  • Free

Much hay is made online today about wholesome posts and wholesome memes and wholesome humor and photos that have a wholesome vibe.

It's all, well, so wholesome, this drive to find tender-of-heart, good-of-character gestures in this often tangly and always complex world.

But locating a pure, wholesome, and smile-summoning activity? Still not the easiest thing to do, unless you turn your wholesome-seeking gaze upon the mountains on Saturday, Oct. 5.

That's when the Pine Cone Festival returns to Rim Nordic, which is not too far from Running Springs, and just about ten miles from Big Bear (make that west of Big Bear).

This is a party for people who are cuh-razy for cones, like so many nature lovers are, and for spending time among the trees.

Is there a contest on for largest cone? There is. "Break the record and win up to $900 in prizes!" is the tantalizing promise on the festival site.

Will you be able to find oodles of inspo at the Pine Cone Craft Contest? Conies are so creative with how they imaginatively employ these woodsy wonders in various expressions of art.

And might you snap a picture with Cheekers, the Pine Cone Festival's mascot? You'll be blue if you don't.

Also, Cheekers needs some hashtag love, wethinks. Who's up for making #cheekers trend? It's not every day that you meet a squirrel that's as big as a person.

Are you a conie? Do you adore time in the forest, and the beauty of these tree-tastic gifts? Celebrate with other fall fans, on Saturday, Oct. 5, at this wholesome, mountain-sweet gathering.

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