Pink's Hot Dogs Is Reopening

La Brea Avenue's landmark hot dog stand has been closed since March 15; now it is back with new safety protocols and dining that's outside only.


What to Know

  • Wednesday, Aug. 12 reopening (the original La Brea Avenue hot dog stand closed on March 15)
  • 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily
  • New safety protocols, including mask wearing and outdoor-only dining, are in place

Trying to recreate your own Hollywood Walk of Fame hot dog from home?

Let's be honest: It's going to have its challenges if you've never made one before.

The cole slaw has to possess just the right amount of zing, the bun has to have that perfect toothsome chewiness, and the frankfurter at the center of the action? It's no standard-sized dog, but rather one that measures nine inches.

And though you made a valiant effort, you were likely dreaming of actually stopping by Pink's Hot Dogs, the hallowed hot-doggery of La Brea Avenue in Hollywood, for that classic Hollywood Walk of Fame hot dog, your ultimate favorite Pink's temptation.

Dreams will again be answered for hot dog-obsessed locals, beginning on Aug. 12, when Pink's returns after a nearly five-month closure prompted by the coronavirus pandemic.

A message to the stand's fans appeared on its social media on the morning of Aug. 11.

"Tomorrow is the day! Pink’s, A Hollywood Legend Since 1939 has been closed since March 15, the first time we closed in 80 years," the message began.

"We have brought back all our employee staff, many of whom have been with us over 10 years, and some over 20 years."

"Our focus has been on safety."

Those fresh policies are included in the post, which you can read here.

Dining, which was previously both indoor and outdoor, has moved fully outside, and there's a new "front door ambassador" to remind guests to don their face coverings while visiting the beloved restaurant.

And, of course, you can get your dogs to go, and that ultimate hot dog complement, an order of Pink's chili fries, which people have done for decades.

Been missing your Walk of Fame frank, your Guadalajara Dog, or that Mushroom Swiss Cheese Dog?

Peruse the menu again, and decide what you'd like to eat first after Pink's time away. Or, of course, you can mull while you queue up, a longtime Pink's tradition, all while keeping physically distanced from other Pink's-loving fans.

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