Pit's the Free Angel City Avocado Fest

Enjoy a zingy avocado ale, as well as avocado toast and avocado juggling, at the Arts District brewery.

What to Know

  • Aug. 11 and 12
  • Free entry; bring money for food and drink
  • Arts District

No one would ever dare claim to be a nose-wrinkler, but sometimes you come across the dish or drink with an ingredient that's so offbeat or aromatic or unsettlingly odd that your nose wrinkles before you can warn it against doing so.

But one of the oddest of foods, in shape, hue, texture, and everythingness, does not typically engender any wrinkling in the area of our sniffers.

For avocados, those pitful green fruits, enhance all things, from milkshakes (mmm) to pies (okay) to bubble baths (we can see that) to any edible or non-edible that needs some avo-oomph.

Please. It's the California way.

Angel City Brewery has understood this for over a half decade now, and the result of its 'cado can-do is an annual summertime beer featuring the fabulous fruit. It's the Angel City Avocado Ale, and the Arts District brewhouse will once again throw its luscious libation a free, weekend-long party, for the sixth year in a row.

Yep, we said "free," as in entry. Show with money, though, for eats and drinks.

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The food-yum, sip-packed celebration rolls, avocado-style, on Saturday, Aug. 11 and Sunday, Aug. 12, and the sip at the center, a "hazy, straw-colored, Kölsch-style ale," will be but one aspect of the revelry.

An avocado-eating contest on Saturday, avocado juggling (also a Saturday event), and avocado toast by Lizzy are three more pitty perfect things about the festivity.

It isn't all avo-mazingness, however. There are other things to love about the weekend-long whoop-di-doo, from live bands to other available foodstuffs for sale (yep, the delish Downtown Taco will be there). Mac Lethal is the headliner, appearing on Sunday evening.

By the by, the brewery says that a "dry-guac" technique is used to create is special beer, which also includes aspects of honey, cilantro, and lime, three longtime pals to the alligator pal. 

Then again, it is a challenge not to complement all that the avocado brings.

And if you can't wait for the 11th for this one-of-a-kind beverage, Angel City will have them for sale, in 4-packs, beginning at noon on Friday, Aug. 10. The cans are 16 ounces each, and the recommendation? "(E)njoy the beer within 30 days of the launch date."

You wouldn't let an avocado linger in the kitchen fruit bowl for that long, surely. And surely you'll treat this star sip just the same: Drink it with other avocadoists while summer, too, is ripe.

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