POPSK8, a Pop-up Outdoor Roller Rink, to Soon Zoom

"California's 1st themed pop-up outdoor roller rink" will rock the theme nights in Valencia, Woodland Hills, and Culver City.

What to Know

  • May 4 through Aug. 4
  • Valencia, Woodland Hills, Culver City (select dates)
  • $15 all-day wristbands, including quad skate rental

Our region is an absolute rink-tastic fairyland of icy wonders come the close of the year, thanks to all of the under-the-sky ice skating opportunities that spring up.

Or, rather, "winter up," we do mean, since these rinks are wintertime fixtures on the local have-fun calendar.

But where are the pop-up roller rinks of summer?

The outdoor affairs that find revelers not sporting blades beneath their wool-sock'd feetsies but rather wheels made for spinning?

Ask and you shall find something that very much fits that exact description headed for Southern California. It's POPSK8, "California's 1st themed pop-up outdoor roller rink," an early-May starter, early-August ender of a roller-whimsical pop-up.

POPSK8 won't simply settle into one spot for its three-month stretch, however; it's calling upon Valencia first, then Woodland Hills, and finally Culver City. Will you visit all three, in succession, like following a band on tour?

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Some super-skaters surely might.

How much will you need to shell out to rock your bootie, happily spin your wheels, and throw your hands in the air to show that caring isn't something you're concerned about?

It's $15, and that includes your all-day wristband as well as quad skates (yep, you'll be moving/grooving on four-wheelers).

Ann Potenza, the producer and creator of POPSK8, has "produced and managed" a number of come-one-come-all fam-fun events around town, including ICE at Santa Monica.

Which may lead you to this very good question: Shall there be theme nights at POPSK8?

For sure, for real, and far out: Disco Wednesdays is on the docket, as well as Swing-Time Mondays (yep, think '40s and '50s tunes). The '80s, '90s, aughts, and showtunes will also have their roller-tastic time in the spotlight.

Start times each day vary, but think noon-ish, on some days, with early-afternoon openings on others.

For all of your shake-a-tail-feather 411, back-skate, crab-skate, or Hokey Pokey on over to the POPSK8 site now.

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