Protecting Our Pets Over Fourth of July

Best Friends Animal Society of Los Angeles shared a few important tips ahead of the holiday.

Best Friends Animal Society of Los Angeles

What to Know

  • Best Friends Animal Society of LA has several safety tips
  • Make sure your pet has her tags and a microchip
  • Make a den for your pet and turn up some music or the television during any booms

Keeping your pup close to your side, indoors, before and during Fourth of July?

If you've had tempting weenies on the grill, and a frankfurter recently in your hand, your lil' guy is probably following you everywhere without you even asking.

But making sure your BFF stays safe, relaxed, and deeply unstressed takes a few steps each July, especially when fireworks begin to boom outside.

Best Friends Animal Society of Los Angeles, an organization that knows our pets, their behaviors, and how to help hounds in their greatest moments of need, has shared an easy-to-peruse graphic with some of the biggest pointers on pet safety come the Fourth of July.

One suggestion?

Creating a "den" for your dog, a place that your pooch can retreat to if fireworks are heard outside.

Turning the dial up on some music is also suggested, if it aids in muting any booms in the near distance.

Is your woofer wearing her tags? And is she chipped?

Pups do get out on the Fourth, and both forms of identification help animal shelters in reuniting critters and their concerned humans.

And, due to the coronavirus closures, people who do find a lost pet may be slower to take the pet to a shelter, to get a potential chip scanned. Which makes keeping our furry ones inside over the holiday even more important.

For the full list of tips, visit Best Friends Animal Society of LA social pages now.

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