Purr: Kitty Bungalow Art Show Fundraiser

Purchase a painting, take part in crafting, and sip a kitty cocktail, all to help out home-needing felines.

Picking out the purrfect present for the cat-obsessed friend in your world?

It's not always easy, but that isn't because there isn't a lot of cat-focused stuff out there for the buying.

Rather, your feline-focused pal already seems to own the socks, and sweatshirts, and throw blankets, and mugs, and everything else that a cat's face can appear upon.

We're not saying there can't always be more cat items in one's life, because there can be, and, moreover, will be.

But finding a more creative way to get catly in the giving department, then, is the order of the day. Or make that days, rather, as the Kitty Bungalow Charm School for Wayward Cats is throwing a three-day meower of a fundraiser, all to help furry littles needing a home.

"Meower," of course, is the cat equivalent of a bender, though meowers tend to involve more napping and salmon treats than human-style parties.

Day one of the fundraising fun, which pads upon tiny paws from Friday, Nov. 3 through Sunday, Nov. 5? An art opening at MorYork at 4959 York Boulevard. 

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"Check out our favorite artists, cat lovers one and all, who generously donated their pieces to help the plight of homeless cats," suggests the Kitty Bungalow people.

Look for, and possibly purchase, original works from Gary Baseman, Dabsmyla, Robbie Conal, and several other catists, which is a word that happens when "cat" and "artist" are smooshed together a little inelegantly but totally effectively.

The remainder of the weekend brings all sort of whiskery whimsy, from Crafting with Kittens to a Poetry Slam to Coffee with Kittens. Yes, kitty cocktails will be served at the Poetry Slam, if you were wondering. It's also an 18-and-over affair.

A crafty Holiday Bazaar fills out both Saturday and Sunday, like a cat fills out the full length of a sunbeam shining upon a window seat.

For all of the meowials, which are like "details," but for cats, pad this way as quickly as a tabby runs for his afternoon salmon treat.

Which is fast, no need debating that fact, if one would even dare.

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