Ren Faire's Ye Olde Tickets Are Now Available, Huzzah

The Irwindale spectacular is celebrating its 60th anniversary in the spring of 2022, with theme weekends, vendors aplenty, and medieval mirth.

M. Burian/Original Renaissance Faire

What to Know

  • The Original Renaissance Pleasure Faire
  • April 9 through May 22, 2022 (weekends)
  • $38 adult, $23 child; season passes available

Honestly? You can wear a sparkly crown any day you like, and for whatever reason, to run the kids to school, to get gas, to see a friend.

You can also don a colorful jester's hat, a pair of elfin ears, and if you wanted to show up to the grocery store in a clanky suit of armor, well, you gotta do you.

But there are a few places where such spectacular costuming is not only expected, but encouraged, and one of the principal spots to rock togs with a time-travel-y vibe pops up at the Santa Fe Dam Recreation Area, in Irwindale, each spring.

Well, mostly each spring, for the Original Renaissance Pleasure Faire took a pandemic-related hiatus in 2020, and then again in 2021. But it plans to gallop, with all the splendor of a knight on a steed, back into our lives beginning in April 2022.

The enchanted extravaganza will return to Irwindale over several spring weekends, with a start date of April 9.

And here's where we unleash a string of happy "huzzahs," for tickets to the jestful, joustful, mirth-merry lark are now officially available for purchase, a happening that includes a host of vendors, foods, queenly sightings, and entertainment offerings of the most lively and lute-ish variety.

Oh yes, and there are all of those fanciful theme weekends, which is when the suits of armor, or at least the large pirate hats and fairy wings, are seen in impressive profusion.

But whenever you choose to alight your centuries-traveling machine at the festival, know that you'll encounter a host of activities, pursuits, and pleasures.

On the full-to-brimming pages listing the forsooth-y fun?

Archery is one timeless pastime you can partake in, and having your hair plaited at one of the braid-focused stands is a pretty possibility, too.

For everything that Ren Faire offers, and to secure your tickets or your season pass, turn your time machine in the direction of the site now, where the enchantments of one of Southern California's airiest and fairy-iest treasures await.

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