Repeal Day: Cocktails at Flapper-Nice Prices

It's the 81st anniversary of Prohibition's end, and SoCal sipperies are celebrating.

When the Twenty-First Amendment was given the ol' heave-ho back on Dec. 5, 1933, passionate people on both sides of the issue -- that was the legalization of alcohol, of course -- could not have seen some eight decades into the future, and what offbeat ripples the day would create.

True, liquor was legal henceforth (and, as everyone now knows, many revelers never quit imbibing throughout the nearly 14 years Prohibition was in place), but Dec. 5 would go on to become a raise-your-glasses holiday of sorts.

As you can guess, Repeal Day is celebrated in taverns, bars, and pubs, and, yep, there's a spirit of thumbing one's nose at the Great Experiment, which proved, in the end, that it was just that: an experiment lacking in real permanence.

Well, there are drink deals to be had, too, in addition to any thumbing of noses. And those deals include...

One-Dollar Repeal Day Cocktails: The libation price is dropping at a whole roster of swankeries around the city, including Harlowe in West Hollywood, Sassafras in Hollywood, and both Bigfoot Lodge and Bigfoot West. The time for the one-buckers? Be there from 5 to 7 p.m., and be prepared to stop at two cocktails. (Yep, there is a sensible limit, as one might expect.) 

Oh, and hello: Oldfields Liquor Room, The Thirsty Crow, and La Cuevita also made this libationful list.

As for the one-dollar drinks? Think Old-Fashioneds in most of the spots listed, except for La Cuevita, which is going the tequila press route, and Bigfoot West, which has a trio of $1 drinks, including the House Beer.

If you're not looking for deals, but more of a stylish throwback to the era of Prohibition, Angel City Brewery has it, complete with a dress-up party and other touches of the flapper-esque time. In fact, attendees are "required" -- yep yep -- to go the moll-and-fedora way, with their outfits and whatnot.

A ticket? Thirty bucks. (Update: Angel City has decided to make this a free event, with beer and food for sale, but you'll still need to reserve a ticket.) Date? Why, you guessed it: It's Repeal Day, or Friday, Dec. 5. Turn up the jazz and get the gin out of the bathtub -- Prohibition is over (for 81 years).

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