Roam a Colossal Corn Labyrinth

The Temecula attraction has other harvest-cute to-dos, like hay rides and corn cannons.

What to Know

  • Opens Sept. 28 (closed Mondays)
  • Temecula
  • Activities happen on the weekend, do note

Before you head out for a day of good-timing with the familial squad, you often figure out how much cash you have to spend, how many hours you can be gone from home, and the other pre-figure-it-outs that need to be discussed.

But something you'll need to decide before making for the Big Horse Corn Maze, the sizable labyrinth that pops up in Temecula each year, is this: How many jokes will you make using the term "amazing," or rather, "a-maze-ing"?

Let's just put that number at around a dozen, because you'll go there, multiple times, because maze jokes are always amazing.

Er, a-maze-ing.

Also amazing? The many activities that "crop" up around Big Horse, a seasonal attraction that also features hay rides, face painting, and corn cannons. 

Those cobs'll begin to fly, and rides'll start to hay, on Saturday, Sept. 28.

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There's a classic car show to start the amazing run of the maze off, on Sept. 28, and plenty of nostalgia-sweet pastimes to pursue through Oct. 27.

And, yep: It's open on weekdays, too, except for Mondays. One exception? Oct. 28, when the pumpkin patch'll surely be rocking.

Just make sure you have time to get a little lost inside the maze, which includes a tribute to the military and stands at over 11 acres.

Eleven-plus acres of super-tall corn stalks? And rambling rows? That's pretty a-maze-ing.

Be a-maze-d, for several festive fall weeks, at one of the largest corn-o-topias in all of Southern California.

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