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Savor Cinema by Starlight at the Roadium

A drive-in at the Torrance everything-and-more market is featuring a host of classic family flicks every Friday night through August.

What to Know

  • Roadium Open Air Market
  • Summer 2019 Friday nights, through Aug. 30
  • $20 car

Talk to any hardcore movie buff about projectors, and projection booths, and the old-school tech of projecting celluloid, and you'll likely ask them what bulbs and wattage they prefer, when it comes to enjoying a film.

For light is essential when it comes to watching the silver screen.

And light, at least for many of us come the summertime, means watching a movie with the stars in attendance.

We don't mean movie stars, as in people, but rather starlight, which the Roadium Open Air Market in Torrance very much has, thanks to the fact that, yes, it is "open-air" and outdoors.

Meaning that the market's warm-weather film series, the Summer Friday Drive-in at the Roadium, has the sort of moonlight, and star twinkle, you can't get indoors.

A ticket? It's $20 per car, and, part of that will go to help a nonprofit organization in the area. So, so nice.

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The films coming up for 2019?

Hip and hooray, so many goodies are on the 2019 schedule, including "Moana" on June 21, "Selena" on July 19, and "Coco" on Aug. 23.

Also nice and especially nummy?

A few of the nights will feature food-truck stop-bys, including the "Selena" event. Look for the In-N-Out Truck for your animal-style fries. There are also movie concessions for sale, too, if you'd like some more traditional treats.

And on Aug. 16? The marvelous "Monsters, Inc." is the feature, but here's something furry and fun to keep in mind: It's "Bring your pet to the movies" night, so sweet.

And sweet, too, is the fact that the Roadium is still the place to go to find treasures, gewgaws, and nifty/funky items of the most vintage and amazing sort, "363 days a year."

For the full rundown of allll the Roadium 2019 movies, take a look here. 

After all, films seen inside a room with seats are fab, but films watched by starlight truly belong to the heart of summer.

It's an experience that feels, let's be honest, as special as a freshly popped bucket of popcorn.

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