Scare-amount Ranch: Nighttime Family Fun

Discover the eekier side of Paramount Ranch, in Agoura Hills.

Halloween happenings have become famous for a number of reasons in recent years.

Included on that list? The baroque, planned-for-weeks costumes, the elaborate make-up artistry of the performers, the true jump-scare frights.

But also? Those brave souls who enter haunted destinations have a way of sticking very, very close together, even clutching their friends as they make their way through the maze ahead.

What if, though, there was a Halloween-themed evening that was quite spread out? In the outdoors? And actually quite airy? It's an unusual take on the clutch-close holiday, but one that fits Tinseltown and its surroundings to a capital T.

It's Scare-amount Ranch we speak of, a one-night-only event ready to haunt visitors who dare approach, you guessed it, Paramount Ranch in Agoura Hills.

You may recall that Paramount Ranch, the historic movie ranch where oodles of rootin', tootin' movies and TV shows were shot over the decades, turned 90 in May 2017. Which means it has a lot of backlog to draw from, production-wise, including numerous horror features and series that filmed on the spooky-after-dark property. 

That's what much of the evening of Friday, Oct. 27 will be devoted to, with stories of shows like "The X-Files" and HBO's "Westworld" in the air. But because nature is so much a part of Paramount Ranch, a pair of "self-guided hikes into the backlot woods" are also on the schedule, as are kid-sweet crafts. (It's billed as a family friendly evening.)

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Want to snap a pic in the jailhouse? Or watch a classic episode of "The Munsters"? Or talk spiders and bugs? 

There's much to mirth over, and quake over, too, a little, during the 6 to 10 o'clock to-do, which won't have the traditional haunted mazes but will have plenty of outdoorsy-meets-backlot-y things for families to try.

And it is free, by the way, admission-wise, and parking is gratis, too. Two very unscary things, both.

The National Park Service is helming the night, an outing that is sure to draw those who love Hollywood history, Halloween, being outside in the moonlight, and fun pursuits that are gloriously free, so best arrive early.

Oh, and do show with a flashlight, and perhaps a jacket, as temperatures are starting to finally cool down and get into the Halloween spirit. Honestly.

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