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Scribble in This All-Ages Doodle Class

Lend some love to the Center for the Arts Eagle Rock, all while picking up some rad doodling tips, virtually, from artist Kassidy Penso.

Klaus Vedfelt

What to Know

  • Thursday, April 16 from 6-7 p.m.
  • $10
  • Paypal or Venmo; Doodle Hour will take place via Zoom

A main difference between a Zoom call and a phone call? On a Zoom call, people can see that you're doodling.

And if you're a lifelong doodler, the sort of person who thinks better as her pen creates swirls and spiky shapes on a handy pad of paper, you know that you can't put off doodling for too long.

The Center for the Arts Eagle Rock wants to help imaginative drawing devotees during this time, with an hour-long session devoted to the joys of the doodle-based arts.

And, in turn? You can help The Center for the Arts Eagle Rock, which is temporarily closed during this #SaferatHome period.

How? By signing up for the April 16 virtual event and paying the $10 fee via Paypal or Venmo.

Artist Kassidy Penso will lead the Doodle Hour, and, for sure, it is fine for little kids to join in, too, if you've got aspiring doodlers in your home.

How to join in this joyful way to express yourself, pencil-to-paper? "All you need are your favorite drawing or painting materials, your ideas, and Zoom!"

Which means, yes: This is one Zoom session where doodling is absolutely permitted and encouraged.

If you've been wanting to reach out, connect, and support our local art organizations during this time, events like Doodle Hour serve as a great bridge to making that happen.

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