Seinfeld's Apartment: Walk Inside

The classic couch 'n kitchen sitcom set-up is headed for a West Hollywood display.

To claim that design and architecture is not influenced by television is to ignore the many coffee table books and college seminars and furniture lines that all found pop culture purchase in the series we obsess over.

And few series have been obsessed over like "Seinfeld." The NBC show about a quartet of prickly pals doing not a whole lot of much of anything became a sitcom stalwart over its near-decade run -- 1989-1998 -- and fans can probably draw Jerry's apartment, down to its details, with eyes closed.

You, too, know the layout, from the couch George plunked upon to bemoan his fate, to the door Kramer continually crashed through, to the cereal shelf oft-visited by Jerry, to the foyer where Elaine stood to share her latest drama.

It's a foyer and kitchen and couch and door that you can now stand in, sit upon, and walk through, thanks to a traveling "fan experience" from Hulu. "Seinfeld: The Apartment," a re-creation of the set, follows up its popular New York stay with a five-day visit to West Hollywood, from Wednesday, Dec. 16 through Sunday, Dec. 20.

The dates reveal that Festivus will be a theme, so look for "an aluminum Festivus pole lot" in addition to "interactive elements for the fans" and museum pieces from the show. 

To see it? It's free. To get there? It's at 8445 Melrose Avenue. To wait for it? There have been lines, so arrive on the early side or prepare to make Seinfeld-y friends in the queue (it runs from 10 in the morning through 7 o'clock at night). To bone up on various episodes? Why the whole series is on Hulu, as you might know or have guessed.

Required apparel? You can wear your Kramer-esque bowling shirt or George-style windbreaker or your J. Peterman trench or Jerry-style tennies, if you like, but it is not required. Why oh why, though, won't Elaine's flowery dresses and white socks make a sartorial comeback? It's time.

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And it's time to fulfill your dream of visiting Seinfeld's apartment. It's a space that's likely appeared in your dreams, at some point, if you've watched all 180 episodes about 180 times, as many people have.

But will the fan experience's fridge have the Superman magnet on the front? (When you can remember the magnets on a character's refrigerator, you know a series has woven into your very synapses.) 

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