SLAB Has Your Fourth BBQ, Already Made or DIY

Two different assembled packages, one ready to eat and one ready to grill, are available for pick-up or delivery at the West Third barbecue house.


What to Know

  • Available for pick-up or delivery
  • 8136 W. Third Street, Los Angeles
  • 4th of July Package (meat and sides, all cooked) and the 4th of July Grill Your Own BBQ (meat is uncooked)

Holiday cooking rituals are plentiful, from the making of gravy on the morning of Thanksgiving, to baking cookies for the Christmas dessert exchange, to finding ways to use up all of those eggs on Easter Monday.

But Fourth of July is truly the most outdoorsiest of holidays, cooking-wise, the occasion when we seek an alfresco experience, whether that's sipping a limeade on the balcony or going for the full grill experience, chicken wings to tofu patties.

If you've been thinking you'd like to not only eat outdoors, but cook outdoors, on Saturday, July 4, but aren't in the mood to roam the store for all of the sides and central dishes you'd like, a barbecue favorite on West Third can help.

It's SLAB, which has been brisket-ing up the neighborhood since the fall of 2018.

But the team behind the meat-focused spot also understands that some barbecue buffs like their chicken and pork to have already gone through the grilling experience.

So the restaurant is offering two Fourth of July meals for pick-up, one that's ready for eating and one that's ready for cooking.

The first? It's the 4th of July Package, it feeds four people, and it includes two pounds of brisket, one pound of pulled pork, a whole chicken, and three sides (picks include classic cole slaw and potato salad).

There's dessert, too, and if you're into red velvet cake, you'll be especially stoked.

The second, which is the one you'll make yourself? It's called the 4th of July Grill Your BBQ, and it includes a not-yet-cooked 32-ounce tomahawk steak, two ready-to-grill rib racks, and a chicken to cook, plus a burger kit, too, which includes two pounds of burger.

For other ready-to-go meals, prices, and how to pick-up (in-restaurant dining is currently closed), peruse the SLAB menu now.

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