Snacky Thanksgiving: Porto's Turkey & Gravy Potato Balls

Talk about toothsome: The scrumptious seasonal snacks have returned to the Porto's Bake at Home menu.

Porto's Bake at Home

What to Know

  • Porto's Bakery & Cafe
  • Available at the cafe as well as through Porto's Bake at Home
  • $16.99 for one dozen unbaked Turkey & Gravy Potato Balls

Turkey sandwiches, turkey wraps, turkey salads, and turkey casseroles? These traditional dishes grace our tables, and menus at local restaurants, throughout the calendar.

But when a ball-shaped bite filled with turkey rolls into view, you don't even need to check on the month: It's November, and Thanksgiving is just a week or two away, and Porto's Bakery & Cafe is again gracing fans of its famous Potato Ball with something seasonal.

And that seasonal snack?

It's the Turkey & Gravy Potato Ball, which is, yes, a super-savory spin on the year-round Potato Ball, an appetizing orb that is Porto's most famous offering (we know, the company's heavenly cakes are also incredibly beloved, but let's call Potato Balls the best-known bites from the meal side of the menu).

And finding a dozen of these hearty, oh-so-snacky temptations, which include fresh sage, mirepoix, white wine, and a porcini mushroom gravy, to serve in your own home?

That's easy: They're available for purchase, by the delicious dozen, through Porto's Bake at Home service.

They're unbaked, keep in mind, so you'll want to follow the instructions when preparing them for your own table.

But will they replace the traditional turkey at the center of the buffet, and the gravy boat, too?

Hard to say: Maybe the Porto's Turkey & Gravy Potato Ball is the ultimate eat-on-Thanksgiving-Eve, and-then-again-the-day-after-Thanksgiving indulgence.

And Thanksgiving is, after all, a day brimming with balls.

We often have a ball at the holiday dinner, surrounded by family and friends, and we throw a ball around, out in the yard, to get some fresh air, and Butterballs are often the topic of turkey-related conversation.

Why not add to the ball-tastic line-up of your holiday with the addition of these gravy-good Porto's bites?

They're only around for a short season, so if you're going to enjoy them, now is the time.

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