Snap a Pic with Chewbacca, at the El Cap

The busy Wookiee'll breeze through the Hollywood landmark, just in time for the opening of "Solo."

What to Know

  • Thursday, May 24
  • El Capitan Theatre
  • Special "Solo" fan event; tickets available now

It's a Wookiee's universe; we're just livin' it.

After all, the most famous Wookiee of all time — Chewbacca, natch — always seems to have it totally together. And we're not taking into account his glorious, full-bodied mane, his impressive long-lived-ness, nor his prowess co-piloting the Millennium Falcon.

While he's sometimes dubious of his #1 bestie's schemes and slapdash, devil-may-care plans, Han Solo couldn't find a more loyal buddy, even if that buddy sometimes sounds a yowl of mild disapproval at the next unfolding caper.

Chewbacca, in short — or, perhaps, in tall — is how many audience members easily enter the "Star Wars" universe. We seek to see ourselves in that marvelous character, his bravery, his good humor, and his faithfulness to his friends.

Which is all to say this: If you had a chance to pose for a photo with the towering superstar, would you cancel your flight to Dagobah, send your droids out on an errand, and head to where the Wookiee is ASAP?

FTASAP, probably.

But you won't have to fly Faster Than As Soon As Possible, for the big Opening Night Fan Event for "Solo: A Star Wars Story," which lands at the El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood on Thursday, May 24, is still a ways out.

Though not much of a ways: Best get your ticket FTASAP, if you want to go, and see the new story from the "Star Wars" annals, and eye props and costumes from the film, and, yes, get your photo taken with Chewbacca.

What does a nervous fan even say to such an acclaimed Wookiee, an explorer of the cosmos, and someone who has proven that he can keep his cool in some highly uncool situations?

"Hey" seems like a solid start, unless you're fluent in Wookiee, and if you're fluent in Wookiee, we hope that is on your resumé, and your business cards, too.

If you do speak Wookiee, say "hey" to Chewie for us, snap your pic, post it in all the places you like to post such things, and then settle in for "Solo," during which, spoiler alert, you'll see your awesome new pal on the big screen.

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