SoCal's Hatch Chile Roasting Roster Heats Up

Melissa's Produce, a major purveyor of the spicy pepper, just released where the local roasters'll pop up come August.

What to Know

  • Green chile roasting season runs from early August to early September
  • Pavilions in Rancho Santa Margarita will roast chile on Aug. 10
  • Pavilions in Burbank is roasting the iconic peppers on Aug. 31

You've stocked the refrigerator with two types of cheeses. One? A sharp cheddar, and then a cotija, too, to add some tang.

Your favorite rice is in the pantry, and the makings for batter, too, the kind that cover the perfect chile relleno. And tortillas? Your favorite flour is on order, and will probably arrive this week.

Alas, however, so sad, and nope: You're lacking in the main foodstuff that will complete the dish you're dreaming of making, the one that is at its freshest in August and September.

It's the Hatch chile pod we're talking about, the foodie-famous pepper that grows, with fiery flavor and a caliente color, in the rich soil of the Southern New Mexico town and its environs.

But don't use all of those ingredients to make something else, that you don't like as much as a Hatch chile relleno or enchiladas, just yet, for the roasting-est season is nearly upon Southern California.

Melissa's Produce, a major purveyor of Hatch heat, just released where and when it'll roll out the roasters around our region. And you won't have to wait long, for the Pavilions in Ranch Santa Margarita is up first, on Saturday, Aug. 10.

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That's just a little over two weeks away. We can already hear the chile's iconic crackling from here.

The final date in August? Make for the Burbank's Pavilions, which'll see plenty of pods doing the bingo-style roll inside the hot-hot roasters.

And a number of Albertsons locations, including stores in Arcadia and La Habra, will be treating heat lovers with a serious chile roasting session.

How many pounds you leave with is up to your chile choosing, but, of course, you may want to freeze a bunch of peppers for winter cookery.

For more information, contact the individual store, or keep your eye on the Melissa's Produce page.

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