Spokes ‘N Cinema: The Bicycle Drive-In

Roll into a Long Beach film night on two wheels (and remember your picnic).

Many a mother has said it was never nice to take something good for granted.

Mom, of course, is right, but the flip side to that sentiment is when a previously rare and nice thing becomes so commonplace that one is no longer surprised to see it. It's a part of the fabric of things, now.

Bike valets are well on their way to becoming a part of the everyday of SoCal city life. So are major bike events like CicLAvia and scavenger hunts and kookier ride nights, where people don tweed or formal wear or rock a Santa suit.

But drive-ins? Cars are still king. That, too, may change one day: Summer and Music is presenting a Bicycle Drive-In on Saturday, Aug. 10 at Park(d) Plaza on 4th Street in Long Beach.

Yep, you only need roll in on your two-wheeler (or unicycle, if that's your thing). Picnics are welcome -- since you don't have a trunk, you can stash your vittles in your backpack, right? -- and blankets are okay, too (as are sweaters, which will be needed with this unusually cool August weather).

"The Triplets of Belleville" is the film, an animated gem that highlighted the Tour de France in additions to singing siblings. The Dovelles, Hedgehog Swing, and Matteran Ghost will do the providing of music.

So will cars still be king at the drive-in in two decades? One? Well, we never thought there'd be bike valets or that major boulevards would be closed to autos while remaining open for cycles. Perhaps the bike drive-in is something we'll all come to take a little for granted down the road.

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Not so for granted, of course, that the good stuff goes away. Just granted enough where it becomes an established part of our everyday lives.

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