‘Star Trek II': 35th Anniversary Screening

Revisit "The Wrath of Khan" with actress Nichelle Nichols, director Nicholas Meyer, and other special guests at the TCL Chinese 6.

Most posts about "Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan" tend to observe the time-honored rule of beginning with an ode to Captain James T. Kirk's most famous one-name line, er, yell, in the film, which goes something like this: "Khaaaaaan!"

That's tradition, nearly, but today we'll start elsewhere, all while acknowledging that the iconic moment is much re-enacted by fans, typically with the requisite passion and volume.

Let us instead kick off this particular paean to the classic film, which is marking its 35th anniversary in 2017, a bit differently. It is, after all, part of a larger, loved-much universe, one created by Gene Roddenberry, a phenomenon that flowers to this day, in multiple forms, from TV to books to movies.

A flower that sprang, if you will, from a "Space Seed."

A stretch? Maybe, but you surely know that's the episode in which Kirk and Khan first tangled, on the seminal '60s television series. Surely.

To honor its big 35th, the TCL Chinese 6 is hosting a special night devoted to the quotable, Spock-tastic treat, a night that'll include luminaries like actress Nichelle Nichols, director Nicholas Meyer, actor Ike Eisenmann, and composer Alan Howarth.

As for the film itself? Prepare for a digitally remastered version, and the Director's Edition, no less.

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We don't mean to put a worm, or, rather, a Ceti eel larva in your ear, but listen: Tickets are moving at lightspeed for the Tuesday, June 13 event, one that will include a screening of "Space Seed" in addition to the feature film, which, along with the powerhouse "Star Trek" stars, features a sublime Ricardo Montalban as the titular character.

Will Khan launch the nebula-altering Genesis Device? Will a member of the Enterprise save the day? Will Bones say "damn it, Jim" at some point, or several?

Time to revisit a movie straight from the golden summer of 1982, a cinematic season that many cinephiles consider to be an all-time peak for quality blockbuster movies.

And time to wish the second "Star Trek" flick a happy 35th, and the universe of Gene Roddenberry a very happy 50th.

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