Surprise Wedding Meows Exchanged at CatCon

No kitten: A sweet, on-the-spot marriage was made at the world's largest experience "dedicated to cats and pop culture."

Attaching a ring to the collar of a Boston Terrier? Or having a Golden Retriever trot down a petal-strewn aisle holding a basket of daisies in his mouth?

Couples have found countless adorable ways to involve their furry friends in the human nuptial ceremony in recent years.

But, if anecdotes, photographs, and animal knowledge is to be believed, the presence of pups far out-animals any cameos by cats at the chapel or wedding garden.

That changed, in a spectacular and celeb-cat-tastic way, over the first weekend of August, when a surprise wedding popped up at CatCon, the huge feline festival that purred through the Pasadena Convention Center on Aug. 4 and 5, 2018.

Paul Bentsen and Colleen Kennedy, whisker aficionados both, became engaged at CatCon back in 2015. Cue the purrs.

And like a kitty grows into a cat in a few short years, an engagement has a lovely way of transforming into marriage, which is exactly what happened at CatCon 2018: Paul and Colleen stepped up to the main stage for a sweet, on-the-spot wedding.

Officiating the joining together of souls? Carole McManus. The best man? Moshow the Cat Rapper. The maid of honor? Lil' BUB, celebrity cat.

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The end result? Two sweet cat-loving humans forming a union worth meowing about.

There's video, too, so peek in on the delightful CatCon wedding, and consider how large a role our feline friends can and do play in us finding forever partners.

The nuptialing begins around 45:50, though Men and Cats: A Love Story, the panel proceeding the wedding, is worth a watch.

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