Taco Trek, dineLA's Top Taco Guide, Deliciously Debuts

A list of top picks for perfect tacodom launches on, when else, National Taco Day.

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Snag a tortilla, corn or flour, fill it with one quality ingredient, or a dozen, tip your head, open your mouth, and you've got a full-on National Taco Day party, right there, in front of your face.

But National Taco Day is bigger than, well, National Taco Day, for our widely shared devotion to all the taco-based arts is something that seems to grow throughout the year.

So while you may understandably wish to celebrate tacos on Oct. 4, you can address your taco-strong longings all year long, thanks to a brand-new guide called Taco Trek.

The team behind this tasty trek around Southern California?

It's dineLA, the foodie arm, and Restaurant Week overseers, of Discover Los Angeles.

The list that makes up Taco Trek?

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There are 25 favorite tacos on the ready-to-download guide, which officially debuted on, yes, Oct. 4, 2018.

The top-notch tacos that made the starry roster include the carne asada taco at Salazar LA, the carmelo taco at Sonoratown, and the grilled shrimp taco at Border Grill.

The price to nab this gourmand-pleasing guide? Zero dollars, as in zip dinero. Nothing. It's yours, for free, for the downloading, the perusing, and the using.

The chance to win 25,000 American Airlines AAdvantage miles?

That's happening, should you download the DiscoverLA app, then click the scavenger hunt icon, then check into each taco spot you visit. Each check-in is a contest entry, oh yeah. The contest runs through Oct. 31, 2018. Learn more by downloading the app now.

Important question, though: How will you seek out these superstar tacos? In what order will you proceed?

You can go in the order of the list, or by neighborhood. or take it on in any way you please.

But will you visit all 25 spots and eat all 25 tacos?

While the list is free, the tacos are not. Of course, tacos remain one of the greatest buys in the tummy-filling, appetite-satisfying department, and, naturally, you'll also want to continue to support the great SoCal restaurants that made the list.

And think about Guisados Burbank for stop one, if you can visit on Oct. 4. That's where the Taco Trek launch party is, and there's a free taco giveaway, too, on that day.

Check it out now, Taco Trekkers, then don't delay: The time is prime for a taco, whether it is National Taco Day or not. 

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