Take the #CheersChallenge, Help a Hospitality Charity

Post a photo of a cocktail, then donate to charities that are helping restaurant workers during this challenging time.


What to Know

  • Raise money for hospitality charities virtually
  • Share a beverage picture, tag people, donate $10 for every person you tag
  • Suggested charities are listed on the #CheersChallenge site

How often have you stopped by a lunch spot, a tavern or another local hangout, and chatted up the staff, and ordered a favorite libation?

This pleasant pastime, one enjoyed by many Southern Californians, has come to a halt in response to COVID-19. But while it is a pleasant diversion for many, it is the work, soul, and sole source of income for thousands of our neighbors in the hospitality industry.

To help out bars and restaurants during this time, there is the #CheersChallenge, an online fundraiser started by VERVET, the sparkling cocktail company co-founded by Hope Ewing, a Los Angeles bartender.

How to participate in the challenge?

You're invited to "share a virtual drink (via IG stories, video, or a static post)." Tag a friend or two or more, then commit to donating $10 for every person you tag.

That's the "cost of one drink," advises the team behind the #CheersChallenge.

Then do donate to a hospitality charity. There are a number listed on the #CheersChallenge page, including the Restaurant Relief Workers' Program and Restaurant Workers' Community Foundation.

You've loved your neighborhood hangout for years. Now share that love with organizations giving support to the people who have brought your food, your beverages, and the cheer you yourself have enjoyed in a restaurant setting, time and again.

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