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The Americana Just Added More Drive-In Films

"The Princess and the Frog" and "A Star Is Born" will both screen at the Glendale shopping center's pop-up drive-in.

Level 8 at The Americana at Brand

What to Know

  • Through Aug. 28
  • $35 per car and $8 per person; advance purchase necessary
  • Food is available but you'll want to pre-order

Summertime, as a cherished concept, is starting its long wind-down, even if the actual summer season has another seven or so weeks to go.

That means you still can make time to sit on the balcony with a book, take a late evening saunter through the neighborhood, and stow snacks in your glove compartment.

What? You haven't yet thrown goodies in your car's special dashboard locker?

Then you likely haven't yet been to a drive-in movie, a major source of out-of-the-house entertainment for many Southern Californians during the physically distanced summer of 2020.

There's still time to devour a bag of potato curls while sitting in the passenger seat, for new screenings have been added to Level 8 at The Americana at Brand, the rooftop Glendale drive-in co-presented by Street Food Cinema.

One thing to note?

Drive-ins, from permanent outdoor theaters to pop-up, one-time-only events, have been selling out quickly across the region, so buy your ticket before you buy the confections you'll store in your console.

"The Princess and the Frog" will delight families on Aug. 7, "Citizen Kane" and "Moulin Rouge" are up in mid-August, "Love & Basketball" celebrates its 20th anniversary with an Aug. 27 showing, and "A Star Is Born" croons on Aug. 28.

Food is part of the in-car happening, but you'll want to order ahead. You can find out the choices, prices, and more on each film's dedicated page.

Summer may be fleeting, but favorite films are forever, and getting to watch them from the rooftop of a parking structure, while the sun dips below the horizon, is a rare experience.

Here's more on this popular, will-sell-out, under-the-stars cinema celebration.

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